Informed Consent For Breast Cancer Judgments

You are invited to participate in a 10-minute research study about breast cancer judgments and treatment recommendations. The purpose of study is for us to learn about the ways women understand and make decisions about breast cancer treatments. You will be presented with scenarios about women with breast cancer and treatment options. Your job is to make judgments about these options and recommend treatment options. This will be followed by brief tasks asking questions about breast cancer, health, and medicine. You must be a woman 18 years or older to participate.

The entire experiment will take approximately 10 minutes. We will ask general demographic questions about your age and race, for example. But we will not collect information that could be used to identify you as an individual. Your research data will be sent to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The responses you provide today are being collected on the computer and will not be associated with your identity. Your answers will be password protected on a server. Nevertheless, despite these safeguards, there is always a remote possibility that your answers you provide could be obtained by an unauthorized party.

You should remember that you are free to leave the study at any time. There is no reward for completing the study, and no penalty for withdrawing at any time. You will not be judged in any way as an individual during this experiment. The confidentiality of the data will be maintained in that we will not be collecting individual information about you, the data will be analyzed in aggregate, and only the PI Dr. Wolfe and a graduate student will have access to the raw data.

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Please print this screen for your records. Printing this screen can be accomplished by hitting the 'Print Screen/F11' key on your keyboard or selecting print in your browser window. If a printer is unavailable, the contents of this page can be copied by highlighting this text, right clicking, select copy. Then in a blank document again right click and select paste. Retain this electronic document for your records. If you are unable to retain this information but wish to receive a copy, contact Dr. Wolfe and he will provide a print and/or electronic version of this information.